Additional Requirements

Making a Reservation

A non-refundable part payment of £200 per person for the Thailand motorcycle tour  is required and you will be sent a receipt as soon as the money is cleared. It is not refundable because as soon as we recieve your deposit, hotels, bikes and the team are booked and many of these incur a cancellation fee if we don`t appear.

Payment is accepted by Paypal, bank transfer, cheque  and cash but please ensure that any fees from Paypal or transfer are paid by yourself.

Although the routes and hotels or guesthouses are the intended ones, there may be a deviation from the plan due to unforeseen circumstances. But whatever happens, it will be enjoyable.

Now the boring essentials:

  • Motorcycling experience and licences.
  • It is preferable that you have had at least a couple of years riding in all conditions, especially rain (Well, you never know!) as this makes the tour so much more enjoyable for yourself and the rest of the party.
  • A full motorcycle driving licence is required as well as an International Driving Permit for motorcycles and be valid for Thailand
  • Insurance.
  • Although the bikes have local third party insurance, it is essential  that you  take out extra insurance in case of the unthinkable and is a stipulation of the tour. It could cost a lot of money if you were to become involved in an accident (medical fees etc.).  
  • It is also a good idea to take out insurance for flight cancellation, baggage loss and general “things to go wrong”
  • Clothing
  • A helmet is essential as well as a legal requirement and one you are comfortable with is the best, although we can provide a helmet if necessary but remember that the coldest days in Thailand are warm compared to the UK. Strong boots will do the trick as will a lightweight jacket and trousers with body protectors. It is also a good idea to have a face scarf and a “camelback”, which is essentially a water bag in a rucksack although there will be plenty of water in the truck.