The Team

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John - Tour Organiser for Sanuk Motorcycle Tour Thailand

That`ll be me then. Ageing disgracefully and balding fast.  I have never upped myself any but  I will a bit here. Been on and around bikes since before I was born.

Part owner of motorbike garage/shop of the old school for the last 25 years, I have restored, renovated and ridden bikes forever.

I am apparently well respected by customers, friends and workmates.

Any excuse to ride and have a laugh – I am there, and to anywhere.

I have ridden all over the beautiful LOS (Land of Smiles) and the routes chosen are some of the best I have ever been on.

The best tour is one where everybody on the tour is buzzin` either through the roads or the joy of being here. I now come equipped with a first aid ticket for those little things that can spoil a holiday.

Tour Guide and Leader

That will be Suthep or Mr. God as he is known on his other tour which I have listed on the links pages. Suthep has so much experience in organizing tours, he could write a book on it. He is fully equipped with a TAT licence, number and is first aid trained.

Any problems or requests, he will be sure to sort out.

Truck and driver

Dick (as I can`t pronounce his name, Dick is the closest!)

Driver extraordinaire, he has got us out of trouble numerous times.
Although there is not a word of English passing his lips,  a smile is always there and he makes the tour as effortless as possible.

The Main Mechanic.

That will be Sakum, who is a great mate and brilliant bloke who tries hard to keep up with the drinking schools. He has been a mechanic on tours for a few years and he is good off road for those who want to.