Your Thailand Experience

Beautiful Sunset on Thailand Motorcycle tour

Thailand has three seasons, Hot, Wet and Cold.

The dates that we chose are probably the most comfortable for the western rider. The “cold” season which lasts between November/December and February/March  is, we think, the best time.

Don`t let the word “cold” put you off though, it is all relative. No 40 degree heatwaves and no torrential rain (hopefully), but  extremely pleasant (usually about 25 degrees) to ride in.

We will be riding between 150 – 200 kms per day. Although this may not seem a lot, it gives us time to see the many variations of the North so it may take 2 or 3 hours for the days riding or it may take all day.

We will have a tour guide to oversee us and make life as civilized as can be, and a mechanic to maintain the bikes and look after any small glitches.

All of the accomodation is hand picked for its comfort, cleanliness and of course the friendliness of the staff.

There will be a pickup truck following to carry the luggage, or any shopping you choose to buy or to pickup any failed bikes and to generally be of use.

These trips should be thought of as “motorcycling experiences” and the participants should be fit, have a good understanding of riding and know their limits.

You will be looked on as part of the team and your positive input will be welcomed!